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The Residents Monitoring Committee had on online meeting on Thursday the 23rd od July to discuss the issues regarding the reopening of the site.

BAM informed the meeting that going forward the site will be divided into two location, a northern one and and southern one. The northern location will take up to 4 weeks to re open ( end of Aug 2020) and the southern location is already operational with 120 workers and this will increase weekly until the full compliment is reached of about 1400 people on site. 120 office staff, visitors and ancillary staff 200 and 1000 worker divided between north and southern locations.

BAM are installing a turnstiles system and are operating a one way system on the site and all staff entering the southern location will do so from the entrance gate at the back of the Rialto Luas Stop and all exits will be on the Rialto Bridge ( except office staff who will exit further down the linear park. On the northern site all workers will walk or cycle around the new road and enter the site opposite the energy centre on Mount Brown.

Both entry and exit routes are located on footpaths that are already heavily used by the public accessing a Luas Stop, schools or St James's Hospital.

Furthermore BAM informed the meeting that they are not responsible for what staff do outside of the site however they do encourage staff to follow public health guidelines at all times and to carry the HSE app, in addition, BAM are in negotiations with DCC to enable them to stagger stat times and to use the Davitt Road Depot for staff parking.


"In Ireland, our preparation has involved extensive consultation with unions, government and international experts. The CIF’s standard operating procedure translates the latest HSE, WHO and medical advice into a construction context. The SOP fits into the National Protocol agreed between Government, Industry and Unions and enforced by the HSA. ........ The SOP provides guidance, based on the HSE advice, not just on site but on the way to site and on the way home. For example, we’ve provided best in class guidance on travelling in vans on the way to work"

Tom McParlon CIF Full opening remarks on reopening protocols to Dail covid Committee

BAM have chosen to ignore CIFs advice not only on travel to and from work but also on the use of turnstiles.

CEO Health Safety Authority address to Dail Special Covid committee on role of HSA

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Role of HSA in enforcing protocols


The Resident Representatives on the Monitoring Committee are seeking a meeting with the Monitoring Committee to discuss the re-opening of the site and the concern this raises for residents and the public safeguards that they want to see put in place before the site reopens.

The Standard Operating Procedures produced by CIF deals with worker welfare and procedures that need to be put into place to enable construction sites re open. There is little or no thought given to the location of sites and the impact the re opening might have on those people living adjacent to the site. Indeed many of the adjustments made in the procedures to ensure worker safety can in fact have a negative impact on the surrounding community, e.g. "the removal of self managed cooking facilities such as kettles and microwave ovens" will force many workers off site to meet their catering requirements.

The NCH site is located in the inner city of Dublin and is surrounded on three sides by local communities and on the 4th side by the largest hospital in the country, St James's, The concerns of residents must be heard and an adequate risk assessment must be undertaken to access the impact of proposed changes have on the wider community prior to the site re opening.

. see Questions submitted to RPMC here


Standard Operating Procedures

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Safety and Health Subcommittee, mindful of the best available guidance, nationally and internationally, has developed this document, Construction Sector C-19 Standard Operating Procedures which serves as a guide for the management of COVID-19 on a construction site for the duration of the pandemic.

The actions set out in this document should be implemented in tandem with an amended Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan.

The purpose of this document is to protect workers, their families and the community, whilst also recognising the need to protect livelihoods.

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Managing the risk of spread in the workplace is important in relation to the health of workers but is also important as part of general efforts to control the spread and protect the most vulnerable. The following protocol describes the measures required to be put in place by employers and adhered to by workers to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.