St James's Campus Mobility Plan

The management and planning for all traffic in and out of the St James's campus including the NCH is the responbility of the board of St James's Hospital. For a number of years the hospital has in place a mobility manager to oversee the development and deployment of a mobility plan for the campus.

The application for planning for the New Children's Hospital in the Enviormental Impact Statement outlined is great detail the impact of the new hospital for the building and operational stages.

As part of the planning approval for the construction of the NCP a mobility plan was a key task with a number of details including the steering committee to expand to include representative of Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority, to review regulalry the implementation of the mobility plan and to include developments in the external enviorment that might imact on the mobility plan.

The Mobility Plan was part of the 2016 successful application for planning permission.

The Resitents Monitoring Committee are seeking an update of the original St James's Campus Mobility Plan with particular reference to targets set in the original plan including staff travel patterns, car parking requirments and external local traffic movement such as the cycles ways and planned Bus Connect on MountBrown.

According to the CSO (2016) the 5 EDs that surround the St James’s Campus comprise a population of almost 15000 living in over 6000 homes .