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"What's Happening" 3 Month Work Plan

What work is happening when and where on site

Construction Management Plan

NEW Phase B August 2019

Planning Enforcement

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PUBLIC NOTICES in regards to Out of Hours Work , or Works that are likely to impact on residents these are now to be found on the CALENDAR page.



Following the latest Monitoring Committee meeting (Sept 12th)there was a follow up meeting regarding working hours at the site and the following was agreed.
1. Residents, particularly around Brookfield, Cameron Sq and O’Reilly Ave, but also on SCR have suffered regular disturbance by the 6am starts 3 times a week as permitted by existing DCC concrete pour derogations.
2. BAM conducted a late-night working test - last Thurs in August - with permission from DCC, conducting “quiet” works - mostly use of tower cranes to move equipment and set columns and walls in place for fitting the next day. No complaints were received although several residents did note that work was being conducted.
Test Plan
BAM have agreed to suspend 6:00am starts to TEST late night “quiet working.” The agreed Test will take place over two periods of time,  the first period  SET UP  will operate next week and following a review, the TEST proper will operate for a further 4 weeks. At which point it will be reviewed.  
The SET UP week  will begin on Monday 23rd of September, all work commences at 7am. Workers can access site before 7:00 to  gear up but not machinery is permitted to begin operations until 7:00 am. Late night working will operate  on the “Derogation Days” of Monday, Wednesday and Friday to facilitate concrete pours.
The set up week also requires BAM  to communicate with perimeter houses  of the working hours prior to commencement and the installation of additional noise monitors in the Northern and Southern sites to access actual noise levels of “quite work” and to adjust lighting  on site to limit light pollution.
The “quiet work” is divided between the southern and northern sites.

The second period is the TEST properand will operate from Wednesday the 2nd of October through to Friday 25th of October.
RAG intend conducting a survey of all perimeter houses during the TEST phase to access impacts, issues and concerns and this will inform any further decision s in terms of late-night work.
Additional Information.
Derogation or extended hours are granted for exceptional circumstances,


Protocols for Derogation within Dublin City Councils Administrative Area

DCC conditions for granting derogations to NCH




James St/ Mount Brown October 8th

The partial demolition of the old CRIC building (i.e. Child Research Innovation Centre) onS t. James’s Hospital Campus, and removal of the top rows of brick from the CRIC boundary façade wall facing onto James’s Street.
To facilitate work on the façade wall, scaffolding will be erected next week, Oct 8th this will take no longer than two days during which time a localised traffic / pedestrian management plan, including banksmen, will be in place




Upcoming Works August/September 18

Opening of the Mountbrown Entrance to the Site

The rear entrance to the hospital site will begin over the coming days and the entrance will become fully operational in late September 2018, for more information click here


CRIC Building

The partial demolition of the old CRIC building (i.e. Child Research Innovation Centre) on St. James’s Hospital Campus more information here

Weekend Work and Out of Hours Work

Weekend work and Out of Hours work will occur between 14th July - 18th July, this is to facilitate the pouring of concrete work could continue until 10:00 pm more information HERE This notification also includes the planned work impacting on SCR and Brookfield over the coming weeks.

To end of July, upcoming work to the rear of O Reilly Avenue is available HERE

St. John’s Terrace from Old Kilmainham Rd / Mount Brown

Work to the rear of St Johns Terrace to commence in the last week of July and to last for 4-5 days. More information HERE


Weekend Work 23rd June

Richard Nolan Civil Engineering are starting investigation works for ESB starting this Saturday 23rd June 2018 for a number of weeks. For more information and the a route map click here

Weekend Work 16th June

The final works associated with the steam pipes in the Energy Centre to complete the changeover of the pipes in the new Utility Tunnel.  As the working hours are outside normal working hours BAM has applied for and been granted permission by Dublin City Council to work the extra hours of 4pm on Saturday 16th June to 4am on Sunday 17th June 2018. More information here

Advance Notice of works due June '18

BAM agreed at the April Residents Project Monitoring Committee to provide advance notice of works taking place that will impact on residents and have issued two such notices at the start of June, works around the South Circular Road here and works at the back of OReilly Avenue here

Planning Application for temporary CAR Park Brookfield May'18

An application was lodged by Brookfield Property Ltd with Dublin City Council for planning permission for a 75 place temporary car park in the old print works on Brookfield. The application was made in January and permission was contingent on the NCH and/or BAM requesting the additional spaces. Neither NCH or BAM were informed of the application prior to it being made and it appears the application is opportunistic. Obviously there are points in favour of increasing the local parking capacity and there are obvious counter points to the development such as the volume of cars accessing and exiting the facility at the same time into a one way system that exits onto Mountbrown. See application documentation here


Cameron Square Steps to Mountbrown May '18

8th May Notification of work to be undertaken on steps between Cameron Sq and Mountbrown. Here

New Entrance at Rear of Hospital

A new temporary entrance is being installed to the back of the hospital and comes into operation on the 9th of April and will continue for some four months.

Pedestrian access to the hospital will be curtailed with only one footpath in operation and it follow the blue dotted line on the picture to the right. Pedestrians going to and from Rialto Bridge will have to cross the road at two new pedestrian crossings one at the MACE shop and one further down Brookfield Road.

In addition at least four car parking spaces have been removed from Brookfield for the duration.

Read BAM Notification HERE




WHAT'S HAPPENING Sept - December 2019


The excavation of the old road/ middle section of the site was meant to take 8 weeks starting in September and all the access was through the Rialto gate and that a wheel wash would not be in operation……….. well that has changed
Now, the earth is being moved in two phases.

  • Phases 1 is excavating about 2/3 of the earth and lorries will pass through a wheel wash and a lance washing system before exiting the Rialto Gate, this phase is in operation and will be concluded early October.
  • Phase 2. Is the  excavation of the final third of the old road and the exact date  is not set but it will probably be towards the end of the year.  This phase will not have a wheel wash in operation and McGuire lorries will exit the Mount Brown Gate and turn left towards Kilmainham. 


A significant amount of work planned to be completed during the previous phase has not been completed and is carried over into this phase. Most notably the new road ( to be opened in early Septemebr) and the excavation of the middle of the site. The McGuire lorries will return to the road in mid Septemeber and will continue for a planned period of 8 weeks, in addition to the high volume of concrete lorries delivering, this will result in the largest volume of trucks on the road to date.

The image below outlines the work occurring over the next 4 months up the end of December.


WHAT'S HAPPENING April - August 2019

The image below outlines the work occurring over the next 5 months up the end of August.

A significant amount of work is due to be completed over the next 5 months which will also see the return of the McGuire excavation lorries for a period. We expect to experience better controls by BAM over the impact of their work on residents living adjacent to the site.

The NCH site is not a single site, the scale of the project means that that there are a number of sites in operation at any one time.  The site is divided into two locations at present the north and the South abutting the Luas line. The south site is more advanced where work is currently at ground level and the north site is currently pouring the lower levels.

During this phase in addition to completion of the below ground work there are two other distinct pieces of work to be completed , the laying of the new and permanent road around the inside of the north site and the excavation of the current road. All this work is planned to be completed by the end of the Summer.

The work to be done on the north site is illustrated below,  with the green new road looping around the back of Cameron Square  and back around the back of O’Reilly Ave until it re-joins the current road.  A substantial amount of the work has already been completed


The  opening of the new road will enable BAM to  remove the current road RED and excavate the final “hole” which will connect the sites on the north and the south side.

The excavation will take approximately 6 weeks and sees the relatively small amount of earth left for excavation removed but it is approximately 5000 cubic meters, a very substantial amount of earth.

The final distinct activity during this phase is that by the end of the Summer is that the hospital will be visible at the SCR Rialto end to a height of 4 stories.

The concrete pour has become a feature of the site work and will continue into the future, A concrete porur means a 6:00 am start running through to 1:00 am the following morning, maintained by a constant flow of Concrete lorries along the SCR..

Each one of these phases poses particular challenges for residents living adjacent to the site.



We are still awaiting an update for 2019 received April no activities Jan-March

we missed August and September............................ to the south of the site pouring concrete and building the floors is the order of this qrt and it will continue to be facilitated by DCC granting permission to extend working hours to faciltate completion of pours.

The north of the site has seen the MountBrown entrance open and the preparation work continues with piling and anchoring being carried out throughout October and November.

There is no information as to acitivities in this area for December as yet.

The three month update is here for download

Information in relation to pedesstrian safety and use of Mount Brown needs to be clarified given the volume of lorries entering and exiting the site there is real concern in relation to pedestrians who use this footpath.

2oct18(Picture "Pedestrian and Buggy" 2nd Oct 18 at Mount Brown Entrance. )

The Rialto entrance will be realligned and is due to become operational in October. There are lorries leaving the site without their wheels being washed and this continues in contravention of the EIS planning permission





WHAT'S HAPPENING May - July 2018 updated