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This site is an independent voice to provide current information on the NCH build to residents in the area and to provide a forum for people to feedback into the construction phase of the New Children's Hospital in St James's Hospital in Dublin 8.

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St James's Mobility Plan Here

About This section is about the Residents Alliance Group, membership activities and information
Monitoring This section refers specifically to the Residents Monitoring Committee(RMC) meetings, inputs minutes and related issues. Residents have three representatives on the RMC and it meets monthly.
Planning This section deals with planning and all related matters from the original permission to the current application with a particular reference to the monitoring of the implementation.
Traffic Traffic will in many ways have the greatest impact both during and after the hospital on the greatest number of people both in terms of local parking and traffic through put this section looks at everything traffic.
Community Benefit

The new EU public procurement directives seek to ensure greater inclusion of common societal goals in the procurement process. These goals include environmental protection, social responsibility, innovation, combatting climate change, employment, public health and other social and environmental considerations. This section looks at the community benefit dimension of this project.

Resources The resource section is made up of various links, reports and general resources to assist the development of an effective participatory role for residents on the PMC.
Calendar List of BAM Resident notifications

The Residents Alliance Group is funded by the NPHDB to enable residents participate fully in the monitoring process.