Linear Park 1 July 2020

The Linear Park Consultation; Áit Urbanism + Landscape Ltd on have now completed a report on behalf of the Parks and Landscape Services of Dublin City Council in support of a planning application for the proposed Landscape Masterplan and Public Realm improvements of St. James’ Linear Park, Dublin 8. (Report here)

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The key objectives of the St. James’s Linear Park project is to re imagine this underutilised open space and provide a multi-functional public amenity for the benefit of local stakeholders as well as commuters and users of the wider hospital campus facilities.

(Version of Master plan map above available here and section drawing here)

St. James’ Linear Park, as it exists today, is an open space that runs parallel to the Luas Red Line between Suir Road Bridge and Basin View, and is part of a wider network of shared pedestrian/cycling infrastructure which extends west along the Grand Canal and Luas Line to the Black horse Luas Stop.

In its current form the park is a through-route rather than a place in which to linger, this a largely due to a poor quality public realm, lack of amenity offerings and ongoing disruption related to construction of the National Children’s Hospital.

Anti-social behaviour is an on-going issue and a limiting factor in attracting people to the park, this problem is most acute in the western half of the park where footfall is currently too low to act as a natural deterrent to opportunistic dumping. Rough sleeping takes place in this section of the park also.

Plan by section

suirrd Suir Road End The major activity here is the proposed development of the Canal Elbow into a kayaking resource. To service the proposed resource the DCC Liffey Boat Club sports officers could establish it as an "outreach" water sports outlet here to service the local communities and schools. DCC need to integrate all their services to fully maximise facilities and this should include sports officers from adjacent sports halls supporting community health and exercise programmes .
Rialto Bridge ; It is proposed that that traffic lights operate on both sides of the bridge thereby making the entire bridge a pedestrian zone on a red light, this not only has the effect of joining the bridge with the park but also allows for potential dual access to the park on either side of the bridge. The surface of the bridge could also be further "modified" to blend in more with the surfacing of the park
Luas James Walk , it is not clear where the pedestrian and cycle ways go along this section which envisages high levels of youth activity on skateboards .
MISA, STJames 's Hospital Entrance at the FATIMA Luas Stop will be the first phase of the park reconstruction and is due to start in August 2020.

Basin Lane : The Basin Lane section of the park is bounded by a number of high walls along the north side. Beyond the walls are the playgrounds of the primary schools. Is there a way in which the walls could become more permeable, in many cases it is the same children playing on either side of the walls? Further to the east how will the park connect with the proposed new James's Day Hospital, that expect many of it's visitors walking to it from the LUAS Stop.

The location of the Market in this section as opposed to the original location at the LUAS Stop and across the road in the area adjacent to the Herberton is worth discussing further.


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